2010-12-20 08:47:18 by Krazyk095

So it's been a long time since I visited newgrounds, and the main thing I liked about it seems to have grown - medals. So, I will be online more. Yay!


- Haven't got equipment for movies or games
- Can't find the right mp3 type for audio

So, I'm not very good at making pivot animations, and I haven't got flash either.

But I think I can still contribute to newground in a very good way.

Making pivot/flash backgrounds for people to use in their videos!

People might want to use their own, and these aren't animated of course, but I thought at least some people might be able to make use of them!

I hope.
Otherwise there's no point in me having an account on here.

Please look at my artwork. All backgrounds will have the title "BG:" before them. I'd appreciate it, thanks.

Holy shit on a stick!

2009-06-19 10:16:16 by Krazyk095

Yay! The art portal's up!
Now I can submit st00f!

There is one.... slight problem...


I guess I better learn... :(

However, I have added one arts. Go see it pl00x! :D

Can't even do a simple task...

2009-06-13 17:17:06 by Krazyk095

Okay, I'm about to try a file converter, but right now I'm aving immense trouble doing the simplest of tasks.
I want to turn a .wma into a .mp3 to upload here on newgrounds.
Pathetic, right? I've recorded it into audacity, but that can't export as mp3 because my computer is a dickwit.
Someone recommended my a file converter a few blogs back, so I'll go there and fingers crossed, Peace will be up soon.


The General Newgrounder

2009-06-01 15:50:27 by Krazyk095

Well, yeah. I gave up on trying to submit stuff a while back - it's not happening. I could download a file converter, but I don't really care anymore.
So I'm doing what the general newgrounder does - play games, watch movies, listen to music, review, which can be supportive or harsh (I'm a critic - so sue me), and making the occasional newspost.
Barely known, reviews count for just about nothing, blah blah blah.
But the wierd thing is - any other site I'd want to be well known and popular. On this site, being regular is bliss.

The General Newgrounder

The Last Peice Of Cake!

2009-03-31 13:14:42 by Krazyk095

***First off, the reason that my mood is sad, is because I feel icky and ill, and I just had a huge toothache for about 5 minutes.
Annnnnnnnnywayyyyy, yesterday I tried really hard to somehow convert a .wmv file to .swf or .mp3, but I can't without downloading something, and I don't really wanna do that.
Also, I've been looking for a free good audio mixy/studio thingamajigg, but the best I've found is Mario Paint Composer (which owns, btw :P).
(I think) I've made a couple of friends on here. They're cool.
And I've unlocked the last peice of cake =DDD but it's not much of an unlock :/
Anyway, thanks for reading this post! Please comment, and if you know any good free audio studio's (that don't need buying, and are downloadable - preferably without viruses :P) please tell me.
Please, I already know about Audacity - I'm not THAT big a noob XD
- Krazy

Search for the user TUNEIT for awesome music!

(Consider that free advertising, tuneit...) :P

The first newspost.

2009-03-26 15:17:06 by Krazyk095

Ok hai, I'm KrazyK095 and I don't have flash and I have a crappy computer!
So ya you're not gonna expect much from me.
I might upload the occasional video, but to be honest I don't really make anything flash related.
I might makes some pivots...
I guess...
But there is no way in hell I'll be making games.
Well, I might in the far away future, but even then I don't see how.
I'm just a NG user who favorites and reviews and makes friends.
It'd be nice to meet you.
Anyway, thanks for reading this blog that most likely won't be updated much.


2008-07-22 10:07:43 by Krazyk095

yey i just made3 an account